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Seven digital trends for 2015 in tech, web design, and much more

Seven digital trends for 2015 in tech, web design, and much more

In our last post, we looked at the trends in regulation and the FS market. Our second post examines the trends in digital marketing and communications. Some of the following – story telling for example – may already be incorporated in our work; others are definitely ones to watch in coming years. We hope that […]

Reaping the benefits of doing what it says on the tin

We’re always delighted when a client (and friend) wins an award. So then, congratulations to Pete Chadborn at Plan Money, who was called on stage at the Health Insurance Awards to receive the ‘gong’ for Best Protection Intermediary.   Standing-up Pete received the award from that other notable comedian Tim Vine who, upon clocking the […]

The boss of global advertising firm WPP, Martin Sorrell, may be right on the money when he describes Google as a frenemy

A frenemy is, of course, a friend who is also a rival, a term often applied to rival, outwardly-friendly, Hollywood stars. It certainly works in this case. Google is a hugely important ally and an almost equally massive threat to the advertising industry. But does this apply to financial firms too? Some may think so. […]

Branding – doing what it says on the tin

John Lappin interviews Plan Money director Peter Chadborn on the rebrand and redesign of his IFA business and website. JL: What is the thinking behind the rebrand and redesign? PC: “The bottom line is we needed to be able to engage with potential clients more effectively before they got to meet us. Traditionally a client […]

Missed opportunity for providers

Marketing and communications strategies have expanded with technology. Where once there was a letter or a brochure, we now have websites doing many of the things letters and brochures once did and, of course, offering downloads of letters and brochures too. Now increasingly you have much more interaction, particularly with video and webcasts on these […]