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When the fairer sex becomes the richer sex

When the fairer sex becomes the richer sex

In December 2012, the European Court of Justice imposed equality on insurance; meaning that men and women would have to pay the same for their insurance premiums.  Fast forward nearly 12 months and the reality is that genuine income equality is still a long way off. Many more women are taking responsibility as the main […]

Could the Insurance Industry give the NHS the injection it needs?

If the British public are becoming increasingly worried about the NHS; it goes without saying that this could present an exciting opportunity for the protection and health insurance industries. Yet any re-positioning must acknowledge that this remains – fundamentally – a hugely sensitive subject both culturally and politically in the UK A recent YouGov survey […]

Consumers want to make sure their GI covers them

We have been doing some work in the general insurance market, and have noticed an interesting trend which could have some read across for protection. Although for a long time, the classic home and contents insurance product has been driven by price, consumer behaviour is changing. Some of the firms we have been working with […]

Insurance value-adds uncovered!

Personal experience often lets you find the weakness in a product. My own personal experience was in believing I had mobile phone insurance with a packaged bank account. Until of course I lost my (quite expensive) phone, and only then realised that when I took out the account I should have logged on and provided […]