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Seven digital trends for 2015 in tech, web design, and much more

Seven digital trends for 2015 in tech, web design, and much more

In our last post, we looked at the trends in regulation and the FS market. Our second post examines the trends in digital marketing and communications. Some of the following – story telling for example – may already be incorporated in our work; others are definitely ones to watch in coming years. We hope that […]

Trends in financial services and digital marketing 2015

Trends in financial services and digital marketing 2015

One of the primary goals at Space01 is to ensure that your customers have a seamless online experience accessing the information they need and – if required – transacting as easily and efficiently as possible. At the same time, your users, customers and clients should appreciate the experience, the information and the services offered by […]

Does the renting cloud have a silver lining for advisers?

It seems that financial protection only enters the minds of the public at the point when they think they need it – usually prompted by a significant life event, for example; buying a house, getting married, having children or perhaps establishing a business (and/or a discussion with a finance professional!). Yet professionals in the protection […]

Does my data look big in this?

“Big Data” is the new buzz phrase in just about every business sector and financial services is no different. But will big data prove to be a genuinely transformative business tool or is it running the risk of being over-hyped and a waste of money? Well the concept of big data focuses on the idea that […]

T’is the season to be busy…

This is going to be an unusually busy December for financial services professionals. First we have the gender directive with the deadline for compliance with the European Union ruling arriving in less than four weeks. Most insurers have now set out their strategy and are adjusting prices, while a few have sought an advantage by […]

Technology – benefit or acquisition tool?

Technology never stands still. That means brands have to follow suit. Sometimes it seems you have to innovate simply to stand still. As an agency we not only need to innovate we need to need to be constantly aware of what’s ‘here now’ and what’s ‘coming next’. We’re building a reputation for doing both. Following […]