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Thoughts on this year’s big U-turn

Five questions from the secondary annuity U-turn The year 2016 will no doubt go down in history for many notable events, but it will also be imprinted on the memories of some entrepreneurs because of the dramatic government U-turn on the secondary annuity market. The move certainly disrupted several business plans and, in the case […]

The answer is 42%. Now what’s the question?

Advisers are always keen to know what their peers are doing in terms of business strategy and how that strategy fits with their overall approach to providing advice. Providers, who wish to maintain or win market share, are always eager for intelligence about the market too. The FCA has now provided some valuable intelligence with […]

The best financial firms have been working on the FAMR for years. They just didn’t know it

The best financial firms have been working on the FAMR for years. They just didn’t know it

There is an argument to say that advisers and providers were already doing sterling work on the Financial Advice Market Review before it existed. Certainly the team at Space have spent a great deal of time and thought working with our clients on this type of challenge – if not quite in the exact terms […]

Why this is a good long-term budget for the FS industry

Why this is a good long-term budget for the FS industry

Budgets come and budgets go and you can look at them from many perspectives. Financial Services specialists tend to look at them first through the lens of their customers, then at what opportunities they might create, and finally how they might impact personally. It’s all sensible stuff, but it’s all a bit short-term. Look at […]

The space01 budget review

The space01 budget review

A Budget presented with just months to go before a general election was going to be an intensely political one, and even more so with the two largest parties neck and neck in the polls. In addition, the UK’s finances remain incredibly tight despite the improving economy. The risk in these circumstances is that the […]

The Pension Reforms – the known unknown

There is just over a month to go until the Freedom and Choice reforms come into force and it is pretty obvious that our ‘known unknown’ remains what the British public will do.

Auto-Enrolment conundrums

By the end of this year, the ten largest UK employers will have been operating under the new auto-enrolment pension rules for roughly one business quarter. However, even by then, it is quite possible that the public and even politicians will take some time to appreciate the full implications. The staging by employer size and […]

Auto-enrolments optimists and pessimists

Our discussions with advisers reveal roughly two camps when it comes to auto-enrolment. Some see the reform as fertile ground that will give them a reason to talk to their business owner clients. Others believe that their GPP business will no longer be tenable as the new reform coincides with the requirement for consultancy charging. […]

In the land of the soon-to-retire, the man with the crystal ball is King

Hard on the heels of our blog last week on the ravages of inflation on retirement income comes news today that a stonking 14,000,000 people have pensions far worse than their parents and will be obliged to downgrade their standard of living the day they retire. It’s in the Daily Telegraph so it must be […]

It’s official – now’s the time to push the pension message!

For financial services providers, getting the marketing support right for IFAs is a big challenge but it obviously carries big rewards. We all know that sometimes, minds don’t meet, they miss. When it happens to two firms in a business relationship, especially in a manufacturer-distributor relationship, it is very frustrating for all concerned. The provider […]