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What do you really think of the FAMR?

What do you really think of the FAMR?

A damp squib, a stitch-up for the banks to steal market share, or a blueprint for the next ten years in financial services? The Financial Advice Market Review has certainly divided opinion more starkly than anything since the RDR. That’s why it’s an ideal candidate for the latest Space Money Talks forum. And this time, […]

Towards the self-defining client and customer

So finally the RDR has stopped being a big industry debate with all the risk of navel gazing that entails. Instead it has become something of relevance to the UK investor and savers. As we have discussed on a previous Space 01 thought, for all the preparation, this reform didn’t really start until customers and […]

Consultancies such as Space01 thrive on change…

but the last minute threat to consultancy charging is one change that is completely wrong-headed. There are five weeks to go until the RDR comes into force. It represents an unprecedented and revolutionary change in the way advice is paid for and the way financial services products and services are delivered. It also comes in […]

So you think you’ve got 2012 sorted?!

The one thing we can be sure about as we approach the RDR deadline in the next few months is that there is going to be an argument about just how many advisers have left the industry as a result. Ironically, it may actually be impossible to say with absolutely certainty. Some advisers may have […]

11 months to go…

With 11 months to go until R day, we may be in the midst of the calm before the regulatory storm. There will inevitably be some pinch points to come as the advisers who have left things late start to give the qualifications and charging challenge their undivided attention. Of course, it depends on which […]

Are some of the mists clearing around the shape of the post-RDR market?

Certainly many commentators and industry chiefs are suggesting that more IFAs will ‘restrict’ than had been previously thought. At the sharp end of the market this concurs directly with what Space01’s own panel of IFAs has been telling us in our regular research sessions. Of course, a few big IFAs have been saying they would restrict almost […]