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Agile project management: why User Stories make for faster, more efficient web development

As its name suggests, Agile is the project management methodology that allows a web development team to break the process into small, easy-to-manage chunks that have shorter timescales and tightly-focused, user-orientated objectives.  And at its heart is the concept of User Stories. But first, let’s remind ourselves how a traditional ‘waterfall’ software development workflow – […]

Seven digital trends for 2015 in tech, web design, and much more

Seven digital trends for 2015 in tech, web design, and much more

In our last post, we looked at the trends in regulation and the FS market. Our second post examines the trends in digital marketing and communications. Some of the following – story telling for example – may already be incorporated in our work; others are definitely ones to watch in coming years. We hope that […]

Trends in financial services and digital marketing 2015

Trends in financial services and digital marketing 2015

One of the primary goals at Space01 is to ensure that your customers have a seamless online experience accessing the information they need and – if required – transacting as easily and efficiently as possible. At the same time, your users, customers and clients should appreciate the experience, the information and the services offered by […]

a friend of a friend says…

Sometimes one of the most important things you can do in business is learn from the mistakes of others. It may seem an odd thing to apply to pensions or investments, but at the moment, one website that is going through quite a bit of self inflicted pain is Guardian Soulmates. A source, close to […]

Caveat emptor, foedus Meerkat, caveat vendor

I currently have three vehicles on a multi-car policy with Admiral, and let me say from the outset they’ve been fantastic on three occasions over the last 18 months and I would recommend their service to anyone. However, one of the principle laws underpinning the Sale of Goods Act is ‘caveat emptor’ – a Latin […]

The Android fights back

In the early1980s, you wouldn’t have released a video in a Betamax format and expected many sales. In which case it may be as well to keep a close eye on the iPhones and Android (by Google) driven phones. The analogy isn’t perfect. Neither Apple not Google are about to fade away any time soon […]

App to the future – the numbers speak

Mobile phone applications (Apps) are not just about games like Angry Birds, or for kids to find out the latest Justin Beiber news. Used correctly they have already become a serious marketing and communications tool for financial companies. Here are just a few stats to underline how much this is the case:   90% of […]

There’s an App for that. (Or if not there soon will be!)

It’s an abbreviation that may grate with some, but Apps (applications!) for smart phones and particularly for iPhones, are becoming a key marketing tool. The only thing the jury seems to still be out on is whether it’s App with a capital A or app in the lower case. In our case we’ll dignify it […]

Branding – doing what it says on the tin

John Lappin interviews Plan Money director Peter Chadborn on the rebrand and redesign of his IFA business and website. JL: What is the thinking behind the rebrand and redesign? PC: “The bottom line is we needed to be able to engage with potential clients more effectively before they got to meet us. Traditionally a client […]

Calculator overkill – sometimes the numbers just don’t add up!

Remember when you were first allowed to use calculators at school. I was around 14 or 15. Suddenly long division was a breeze and everyone competed to see who could get the best calculator with the most functions and the most buttons. Well, they did in my school. However, after the initial euphoria had died […]