The Robo-Advice Interviews: journalist John Lappin puts FS gurus on the spot

The Robo-Advice Interviews: journalist John Lappin puts FS gurus on the spot

Space’s round-table forum, Money Talks, gives the FS industry an opportunity to debate a current industry hot topic.

In February, Money Talks addressed the thorny issue of Robo-Advice.  Is it the way forward or is it simply unworkable as the technology currently stands?

You can download the full written report here or you watch highlights of the forum on the Space YouTube Channel.

As you can imagine, the round-table Robo-Advice session threw up a lot of strongly-held points of view, on both sides of the argument.

That’s why, after the main debate, we gave our panellists an opportunity to explain a little more about the impressions and experiences that underpinned their opinions on Robo-Advice.

As ever, financial journalist John Lappin was in the Money Talks interrogator’s chair.

Keith Churchouse, MD of online planning site

Keith believes Robo-Advice will find its key audience amongst consumers under 40 who are more comfortable with online technology.


Chris Daems, founder of workplace pensions resource AE in a box

Chris agrees that Robo-Advice can succeed extremely well in certain discrete audience segments, as with his own Auto-Enrolment advice service.


Marilyn Cole, Managing Partner of Space

In Marilyn’s opinion, there is still a significant issue around the general public’s  distrust of financial  services  in general, not just related to remote or Robo-Advice.


Phil Brown, Head of Policy at LV=

LV= already provide a full Robo-Advice pension-planning service and Phil tells us why Robo-Advice offers clear and unique benefits to certain key audience groups.


Billy Burrows, Pensions Expert

Billy is firmly in the ‘case not proven’ camp and airs some strong views on whether Robo-Advice can do the adviser’s job effectively.


Malcolm Hurlston, Chairman of the Financial Inclusion and Markets Centre

Malcolm’s organisation has offered online debt advice since 2006. He explains why Robo-Advice offers endless possibilities for our marketplace.


Adam Byford, MD of Synaptics Software

Adam’s software supports the adviser community in sourcing and comparing products online. He believes Robo-Advice is the biggest opportunity out there.


Don’t forget to download the full PDF report of February’s Space Money Talks session.

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