Scottish Widows Simplifying pension options

Scottish Widows

The Challenge

Changes in governmental rules state that anyone retiring after April 2015 can choose what to do with their pension pots. To prepare customers reaching retirement age, Scottish Widows wanted to provide them with the information they need to understand the options available. And wanted to direct customers online to gain this information rather than to use telephony.

The Approach

Working closely with Scottish Widows and our target market, we created a user-friendly pensions knowledge hub. This contained jargon free information on personal pension schemes, the state pension and the new options available when accessing retirement funds.

We ran weekly workshops and user testing sessions throughout the user experience design process to inform and validate our thinking.

To give customers an indication of what each option would mean to them, we created thirdperson stories. So customers could focus on the implications of the options rather than getting distracted by indicative numbers.

Scottish Widows
Scottish Widows
Scottish Widows

The Results

A site well received by Scottish Widows, consumers, and the press who have given it a lot of positive coverage. Which in the first two weeks saw a 58% increase on target and:




page views


mobile users

Key points

  • Encourage customer engagement with pension options online
  • Fulfil consumer needs through regular validation of user experience
  • Provide complex pension information in an language customers understand